Ragini Khanna

as Ragini Sharma

Supriya Pilgaonkar

as Radhaa Sharma

Anita Kanwal

as Roshan Ammu

Mona Vasu

as Rohini Sharma

Ratan Rajput

as Ruchi Sharma

about the show

The show starts with Radhaa and her three daughters — Rohini (Meethi), Ragini (Gini), and Ruchi (Chutki) — in Mumbai City. From the start, Rohini is very scared and the family is hiding something and running away from their past to start afresh. The sisters are completely unlike each other: while Rohini aspires to be a fashion designer, Ragini wants to be a supermodel, and Ruchi, an astronaut.They take the taxi to Roshan Villa, Juhu, where Radhaa's close friend Shefali had once told her to live if ever she comes to Mumbai someday. Yet Roshan Ammu, the owner of the house, is very short tempered, strict, and doesn't let anyone live in her house. Nevertheless, her doctor, Dr. Shekhar Kapoor, convinces her to let the Sharma family lives in the house. Ammu imposes some conditions which Radhaa accepts. Anaro, the housemaid, doesn't like the Sharma family at first.The elder sister, Rohini, applies for a job at Seth Fashion House, but she is rejected. Heartbroken, she leaves. But after a while, she finds Revati, the owner of Gulmohar who appoints her on temporary basis. Rohini shifts from temporary to a permanent designer at Gulmohar when she convinces Karan to do Gulmohar's photo shoot much to Revati's approval.

The middle and younger sisters want to attend the same college. Ragini gets admission much to the distain of Nikhil, who at first believes that small-town girls most of the times adopt unethical means to get things done. On the other hand, Ruchi, due to her shy and crybaby nature, isn't accepted to the college but, with the help of Aditya's father, she's enrolled. Aditya (Adi), Sanaya, Fatima (Fatty) and loser who, like Ragini, dislike Ruchi immensely because they feel that she's a two-faced girl who acts timid to get things done. Ruchi has only one friend, Anirudh (Ani). At the college, both sisters say that they are from Allahabad, to not let anyone outside the family and Roshan Villa know where are they from.As time passes, Roshan Ammu has a change of heart and starts liking the family. Rohini is busy in her work while Ragini and Ruchi are happy at their college. Yet, this wasn't their happy ending.Rohini is not given any credits for her good work at a fashion show — Revati takes all the compliments. Ragini, who told everyone a lie that she is from a wealthy family, is busted and thus not accepted in her college's annual fashion show. She is so heartbroken that she no longer wants to be a model. Nikhil had stolen clothes from his mother's boutique without anyone noticing for Ragini's photo shoot. When the truth comes out, Rohini is rebuked. Ragini makes a promise to herself to never become a model. Ruchi has to do a project with Adi to show that she's worthy of the college but, unfortunately, she doesn't complete the project because of Adi's careless and carefree nature. Yet, she is accepted in the college.

Suchitra, Radhaa's family member's son, is getting married and the latter doesn't want to attend the wedding empty handed. She mortgages her bangles without telling anyone, but her daughters don't take this well and vow to get them back. From an ad in a magazine, the come across a competition — Teen ki Shakti — whose prize money is Rs 1 lakh. Rohini, when she's not granted a leave, resigns from Gulmohar as she thinks that Revati needs her and not the other way around. Ragini, for her mother, agrees to dance while Ruchi, after many trials, taunts, scolding and hardships, can finally overcome her shyness to dance. The three sisters, with the help of Ammu and Anaro, practice and take part in the competition. Revati is one of the judges and Ammu is the chief guest. Sanaya tries to cheat by breaking Ragini's sandals but the three sisters manage to perform, win the competition, and get the bangles back.When Radhaa learns about Rohini's resignation, she's very upset. Rohini tries her luck elsewhere. She isn't given a job and is termed as unprofessional as she left her first job after three months. At the same time, Ragini and Ruchi are very liked and respected at their college because of their win.During that moment, they get a notice that Rs 40 lakhs property tax is due for Roshan Villa. If it isn't paid in one month, the house will be auctioned. Rohini goes back to Revati (who doesn't appoint her on the spot) to make Rohini aware that the latter needs her, and not Revati. Shekhar sells his car; Ragini starts writing songs and do other small jobs to earn money; while Ruchi starts tutoring Hindi to Adi's niece and nephews.

After a week, Rohini is again appointed at Gulmohar and can get a bank loan. Varun comes back from America to take his mother with him; she objects. Unfortunately, the amount is not recovered and the auction begins. Radhaa is missing on the auction day but, just when the house was about to be sold, she's able get there on time with the help of a stranger (who is later revealed to be Raunaq — Shekhar's ex-wife). Luckily, Radhaa stops the auction by giving BMC the whole tax amount. It is later revealed that she went to Meerut to sell her house. Varun realises his mistakes, asks for forgiveness, and vows not to ever force his mother to come with him. Then, he leaves.Everything seemed to be fairing well when someone from the Sharma family's past make a reappearance. Gaurav Prakash had followed Radhaa from Meerut to Mumbai and is now Rohini's new client. Upon seeing her dark past in front of her, Rohini relapses into her old fearful state and run away from her office. At the same time, romance can be seen blossoming between Adi and Ruchi.Now, Rohini’s boss, Revati, has assigned Raunaq as the supervising designer during her absence at Gulmohar and Rohini has to report to her. At the same time, Gaurav tries to portray that he has changed and turned a new leaf, but Rohini is still skeptical. She still fears Gaurav’s new but constant presence in her life but she hides this from her family.